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The combination of modern and traditional

Cradle of high hospitality in this region , " Pleasure" in Nis , a new chapter of hospitality allowing guests superior service , exceptional cuisine and an impressive selection of drinks .
Catering facility is based in the cafeteria with cocktail bar, the restaurant offer European- Mediterranean cuisine . The unique ambience and friendly atmosphere make " Pleasure" the place to go out and relaxed friendly conversation with family and friends . Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a combination of traditional and modern , and offers its guests a unique ratio of quality and price of services. Pleasant staff , dressed in bright colors will bring you a little bit of summer freshness , as well as neighborhood stores cheerful and optimistic .

In his great offering stands out for its large selection of coffee , the largest selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails in town, expertly selected wine list and unique variety of delicious meals and fabulous desserts.
With the unique relationship of superior quality and reasonable prices are distinguished professional service kindest staff in the city.
With a friendly atmosphere , professional service and a rich menu will fulfill all the needs of modern guests.

Pleasure and Krevet & Doručak  аre working togeather for your pleasure.

Extra charge for breakfast - 3 € per person.
Breakfast is in the restaurant Pleasure 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.

Location of Pleasure is in 50m radious of Krevet & Doručak.

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